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Welcome, Weather God! Your task is to limit the bunny population to make it reach a healthy level, not too little & not too many, but just the right amount. Good luck!


  • Right-click the weather icons (default - sun) to change the weather
  • Left-click and drag the icons up/down to change intensity

How To Play:

  • Bunnies grow rapidly in some weather conditions and would die in others.
  • The growth or death of these bunnies depends on the transition between weather types. (The period indicated by the line connecting weather icons is the transition, so if you have the first weather icon as a sun and the next one shows rain you are transitioning from warm sunny weather to cool rainy weather)


  • Here the green lines indicate weather transitions that support growth while the red ones indicate transitions that are harsh for the bunnies.
  • Further, these effects (good or bad) are amplified by a difference in the intensity of weather conditions.
  • Note: It doesn't matter which one is high in intensity and which one's low, the difference is what matters. So in the above situation if swap the position of sun and rain the effect remains the same because the difference in their intensity (vertical distance) remains the same.

Haiyoooo also made an asset pack of the art she made for our game!! you can check that out here:-  https://haiyoooo.itch.io/art-brown-bunny-sprites


Too-Many-Bunny.exe 51 MB

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